How Technology Can Assist when You’re Working with a Disability

A guest post by Patrick Young

Patrick is from, a blog dedicated to supporting people with disabilities. He asked if he could write a guest post for Exeter Life Coaching about ways people with disabilities can use technology in their career search. This isn’t something I knew much about, but Patrick certainly does and I’m sure his advice is going to be valuable to many who are considering new career options after the tumult of the pandemic.

Finding the right kind of work can be liberating

Securing meaningful employment that can lead to a fulfilling career is one of life’s great pursuits, no matter what your skill set may be. For people whose abilities may vary greatly from the norm, it’s wonderful to know that so many resources are available to assist when on the hunt for that perfect job.

Taking advantage of assistive technology

Technology has helped people all over the world, particularly those who live with disabilities. There are a multitude of apps that you can use right on your mobile phone, designed to address the specific needs of people living with various disabilities. When it comes to finding work, these tools can be indispensable whether you are just starting your job hunt, preparing for an interview, or looking ahead to job advancement. 

P3 Mobile is designed to assist deaf and hard-of-hearing users by connecting them to others via video chat. The free video relay service is an easy-to-use app that can be powered with WiFi or cellular data. In addition to giving you the ability to make VP calls from anywhere, the app also provides text chat, top video quality, and the option to use the app in Spanish. P3 Mobile lets you connect on the go, at home, or anywhere else.

Miracle Modus is a free app that helps individuals living on the autism spectrum deal with sensory overload. Designed and written by a self-identified autistic programmer, Miracle Modus showcases soothing, mathematically inspired designs featuring all the colors of the rainbow. With its interactive components, it’s meant for use when feeling overwhelmed. According to the app’s rave reviews, it’s incredibly helpful for getting one’s day back on track, whether at work or anywhere else. 

Wheelmap is also free. This is an app to help those with mobility difficulties to be aware of accessibility issues at various locations before ever leaving the comfort of home. It’s a great resource for anyone who may need extra planning in getting around. When it’s time for that initial job interview, it can be a great advantage to know in advance where to park, where to enter the building, and the location of any other places you may need to visit during your trip. 

Becoming a freelancer

In this day and age, there are tons of at-home freelance opportunities available which can be ideal for people with disabilities. You can explore freelance job opportunities through online job platforms where potential employers will consider reviews for past work, rates, and how quickly you can complete a job. There are countless jobs available whether you’re a web designer, accountant, web content writer, or virtual assistant.

Using a reliable smartphone

When things are lining up and clients are ready to hire you, the last thing you want is a technological mishap to stand in the way of you and your new career. That’s why it’s so important to have a reliable, updated smartphone that enables you to be available to potential clients or customers when they want to reach out to you. Be sure you’ve got a phone that makes it easy to connect because clients and customers won’t wait

Finding the support you need to accommodate your unique situation can be as simple as using an app on your phone. When you are on the job market, the support offered by these types of apps can give you a big advantage, whatever your abilities may be.

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