Why choose Exeter Life Coaching?

How can your life be nurtured to fuller flowering? Although I have a thriving Counselling practice in Exeter, I realized that Counselling can only take my clients so far. Having helped them through some of the tough challenges of life, I wondered what potential was left untapped. Life Coaching is about helping people discover and nurture that untapped potential.

A path in the woods

Finding the path

My approach

Embodied practice and Positive Psychology form the foundation of my work. I’ll help you to unlock better performance by enhancing your Physical Intelligence and helping you to access the wisdom of the body. Positive psychology offers powerful techniques to develop vital aspects of human experience, including emotional intelligence, flow and resilience. This is applied research coaching that draws on the science of psychology and the mind-body connection.

Training and experience

In addition to my PhD on embodied knowing, I am:

I’ve worked as a trainer for many years and have delivered workshops for Exeter University, London Wildlife Trust, New Cross Transition Town, Organiclea workers’ cooperative, Integration Training and the Cassiobury Court rehab clinic. My public events have included workshops facilitating the ‘Council of All Beings’, stress management, mindfulness and sustainable activism. I’ve published many articles and book chapters: My latest contribution is a section on the body and place in The Body in Coaching and Training by Mark Walsh. I’ve run workshops for Mark, lectured at the Eden Project and presented at several international conferences and Universities. My photography has been published in the New Statesman and used in numerous Friends of the Earth campaigns.

If you want to find out how I can apply all this – and more – to help you, get in touch!

Coaching accreditation