Frequently Asked Questions about Life Coaching

When is Life Coaching useful?
Life Coaching can help with pretty much any aspect of your life. Maybe you need help making a major life decision, finding a new career, going for promotion, sorting out your love life, dealing with stress or are seeking greater life satisfaction.

How long is a session? How many sessions will I need?
Sessions are usually for 50 minutes, but I can be flexible if we’re working on something particularly tricky or urgent. In most cases we’d meet every few of weeks for between 2 and 8 sessions. You’ll have specific work to do in between sessions and I’m usually available for a quick chat if you get stuck on something.

What does it cost?
Life Coaching is charged per session and costs vary hugely from one Coach to another. I charge £45 per session.

Do you offer online sessions via Skype or email?
I find that face to face sessions are generally best, but I appreciate that’s not always possible so I offer sessions using Skype or VSee, which is similar. Email is especially useful between sessions and I’ll often use it to stay in touch.

What’s the difference between Counselling and Life Coaching?
Counselling and Life Coaching sit side by side on what we might call the wellbeing scale. Counselling is concerned with mental distress or deep rooted personal problems: Life Coaching is about encouraging personal development and self-improvement. The line between Counselling and Life Coaching as pretty blurred. You might come to me for Life Coaching and realize that there’s a deep rooted psychological block holding you back from success. Because I use an integrated approach – Fusion Therapeutic Coaching – we’ll be able to work through that block and then move on from there.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.