Physical Intelligence

How would you like to be able to manage your emotional state, reduce stress, and boost your motivation and confidence? Physical Intelligence can help you do all that – and more – because it enables you to manage the cocktail of chemicals that drive behaviour.

Maybe you’ve heard about how adrenaline works like an accelerator, or how cortisol floods your body when you’re under threat? There’s a whole cocktail of these chemical and they underpin our emotional state and overall performance. It’s dopamine that keeps us hooked on social media and oxytocin is sometimes called the ‘love hormone’. Physical Intelligence is the ability to manage this powerful cocktail of chemicals.

As a Physical Intelligence Coach, I use a range of science based techniques to help you develop greater strength, freedom, resilience and endurance. This is coaching with the body in mind: It can take you further much faster than less holistic approaches.

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Certified Physical Intelligence Coach
Certified Physical Intelligence Coach